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Watch this site as we figure out how best to use it to learn some of the history of mathematics.

Here are some links:

Here's the list of pages for the individual classes. Eventually, each one will contain reasonably complete notes for that class. Each person visiting and editing can add or correct or rearrange the lecture notes left there by others. Don't duplicate stuff, do clarify. You need not sign your entries - I can use the wiki history to see who has worked on the page. When you save your changes please use the comment box to describe (briefly) what you've done.

You can also add (signed) paragraphs with questions, extra observations, links, … . It's probably best to put those at the end.

On spelling: please proofread your entries. Wikidot does tell you when you use a word it doesn't know (red squiggly underline in the text box), so pay attention. If you see spelling errors in other peoples' posts. please fix them. (I will do that from time to time, but not regularly since I don't want to spend all my time just editing.) Be particularly careful with new vocabulary and the names of mathematicians.


homework-1 (page not yet created - someone(s) should post solutions to the two problems

Term paper


Week Day Number Date Page Discussion
1 Tu First 1/29/2013 january-29 Click Here
Th Second 1/31/2013 january-31 Click Here
2 Tu Third 2/5/2013 february-5 Click Here
Th Fourth 2/7/2013 february-7 Click Here
3 Tu Fifth 2/12/2013 february-12 Click Here
Th Sixth 2/14/2013 february-14 Click Here
4 Tu Seventh 2/19/2013 february-19 Click Here
Th Eighth 2/21/2013 february-21 Click Here
5 Tu Ninth 2/26/2013 february-26 Click Here
Th Tenth 2/28/2013 february-28 Click Here
6 Tu Eleventh 3/5/2013 march-5 Click Here
Th Twelfth 3/7/2013 march-7 Click Here
7 Tu Thirteenth 3/12/2013 march-12 Click Here
Th Fourteenth 3/14/2013 march-14 Click Here
* Su-Sa Spring Break 3/17/2013-3/24/2013 No class No Discussion
8 Tu Fifteenth 3/26/2013 march-26 Click Here
Th Sixteenth 3/28/2013 march-28 Click Here
9 Tu Seventeenth 4/2/2013 april-2 Click Here
Th Eighteenth 4/4/2013 april-4 Click Here
10 Tu Nineteenth 4/9/2013 april-9 Click Here
* Th P/F Deadline 4/11/2013 Deadline No Discussion
Th Twentieth 4/11/2013 april-11 Click Here
11 Tu Twenty-first 4/16/2013 april-16 Click Here
Th Twenty-second 4/18/2013 april-18 Click Here
12 Tu Twenty-third 4/23/2013 april-23 Click Here
Th Twenty-forth 4/25/2013 april-25 Click Here
13 Tu Twenty-fifth 4/30/2013 april-30 Click Here
Th Twenty-sixth 5/2/2013 may-2 Click Here
14 Tu Twenty-seventh 5/7/2013 may-7 Click Here
Th Twenty-eight 5/9/2013 may-9 Click Here
15 Tu Twenty-ninth 5/14/2013 may-14 Click Here
* We Semester Ends 5/15/2013 Deadline No Discussion

* - Denotes deadline/important date in the academic calendar.
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