April 11 Discussion

I found a website that includes a history of Archimedes life along with details about the palimpsest. Information about the contents of the manuscript and pictures of it are included but not the actual math or writing. It also has the story of how the palimpsest was lost and how it was discovered in 1899. It contains many of the details that we were missing in class about the history of his work.


Benford's law was mentioned in class during our discussion of normal numbers. After looking it up my understanding of Benford's law is that the first digit of a number occurs with certain frequency and that the probability can be expressed using a logarithmic function of base 10. Benford's law states that digits occurring after the first also appear with a certain frequency and have a similar distribution. The link below is a website that gives an explanation of Benford's law and has some interesting examples of how it can be applied, one of which is detecting fraud in documents such as tax reports and voting records.


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