April 9


  • Questions
  • Lagrange's codification of the Italian solutions of the cubic - symmetries enter the picture.

Student Questions:

  • Could we talk a little bit about the upcoming class structure and homework schedule?
  • I think we had discussed that the goal was to get the papers done by the end of April and then to do presentations in May on our topics. Will time be reserved in class to discuss the progress on the papers?
  • Valid sources for papers? I know Wikipedia has been allowed but since this is a more formal research paper I figured using Wikipedia may be off limits here.

The discussion page can be found here, for observations and remarks.

Today in class we discussed Lagrange's approach to solving cubic equations. We read Lagrange's work on page 236-237 of the text. We only briefly discussed how he determines which roots of the degree 6 equation that he derives are related to the original equation of degree 3.

Also we noted:
* Lagrange (1736- 1813)
* Galois (1811- 1832)

Next class we will start Calculus!

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