February 14


  • Questions
  • Crochet, tiling, … play in the hyperbolic plane
  • Riemannian geometry
  • On to Chapter 2

Student Questions:

  • Would like more clarification on homework questions, perhaps visual demonstration. I have read a couple of online articles posted here as well as Mathematical Expeditions but still feel like I could benefit from some additional elucidation. —Rob Moray

The discussion page can be found here

  • We went over the HW2 questions
  • Tilling in Euclidean Plane (Triangles, Quadrilateral Hexagon)
  • Tilling in Poincare's model
      • Looked some examples by using Schläfli symbol
      • Escher's artwork
      • flickr:8479535564
      • The size of each polygon looks different in Euclidean space, but they are actually the same size in Poincare's plane
      • Tilling becomes possible for any polygon as long as it has the right size
  • Tried tiling with 5 and 7 triangles around one vertex, ended up with hyperbolic paper, talked little about curvature

-Mingzhi Liu

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